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“If exercise were available in pill, it would be the most sold drug in the world… and also the most prescribed.”

Robert Butler

Former director of the National Institute on Aging (NIA - U.S.A))


To foster the Promote the motor skills and abilities of any healthy individual, with discomfort or disease by improving his or her performance at muscular and metabolic level.


Making it possible for every individual to live a better and longer life with a young and healthy body.

Vissman , founded in 2006, is an Italian company that operates in the sectors of health, sport, longevity and regenerative medicine and more generally in the healthcare sector .

The founding members have been studying and experimenting with the use of vibrations applied to the human body since 1998.

Over 25 years of research, study and design to produce and patent VISS®, Vibration Sound System, a unique and scientifically proven technology.


Our trip


First evaluations with a mechanical vibration system.


First research experiences in the field of instrumental mechanics.

myomodulator prototipo0


Construction of the first flow modulator to produce vibrations.


Italian universities are starting to study the effects of our technology.


VISSMAN is born . The first mechanosonic vibration technology

focused is put on the market.


The first research work with Viss is published: "Selective development of muscular force in the rehabilitative context." (Europa Medicophysica 2006)

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viss prottotipo1

About us

We produce patented and scientifically proven technologies, a mechanical engineering patent, with dedicated hardware and electronics and software development.

We have studied, analyzed and implemented all the scientific studies conducted over the last two centuries on the ability of vibrational energy to interact with the Central Nervous System to reprogram the neuromuscular system, reset and normalize the Central Nervous System , and we have patented VISS ® , Vibration Sound Systems , The Mechano Acoustic Square Wave Vibration System.

Technologies that act in a physiological and natural way to bring muscle hypotonicity and hypertonicity back into balance, to promote the contractile capacity of muscle fibers, to activate the metabolic and regenerative processes of the muscle

ViSS® and VISSMAN® are registered trademarks.
The software, the graphic logic and the graphic/functional part of the software are covered by Copyright

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