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Main Applications

A patented technology for many diseases and annoyances

- Muscle regenerative medicine

- Post-surgical/traumatic recovery

- Neurorehabilitation

- Degenerative neurological processes

- Arthritic/arthritic processes

- Pain, muscle tension processes

- Postural realignment

- Senescence

- Urology

- Improvement of proprioception

- Pelvic floor disorders

- Lymphedema and lymphatic drainage

- Therapy of pain/muscle tension diseases

- Acceleration of reparative processes

- Amateur and competitive sports

- Increased contractile capacity and

   resistance to fatigue

- Ability to withstand higher workloads

   Without central fatigue

- Aesthetic medicine

- Veterinary medicine

This is all possible because the common denominator is the presence of muscle hypertonia and hypotonia, poor fiber contractile capacity, strength deficits, and slowed cellular metabolic activities.
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